1 pound Costume, Vintage Style Jewelry Lots! Great for crafters and resellers.

Regular price $17.00

Alot more jewelry lots available same great price ! :)
Lot consist of variety of jewelry wearable, vintage ,costume,  retro , and so much more. Jewelry is made from variety of countries from Italy, Taiwan, Korea, China, and so much more . 
*Reminder some jewelry is retro so some could come with age wear but still perfectly to wear or for any crafting project.  
*Reminder alot of jewelry is good quality so it weighs alot more than regular jewelry and lot is by pounds so just keep that in mind.   The more it weighs the less items you could get but alot better quality! But I try to put variety of styles . 
*Any questions don't hesitate to ask. 
*Thousands of pounds available so alot more not shown on pictures. 
*Lot come with different type of material .