Costume Fashion Jewelry Lots All Types Of Styles

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All new jewelry lots non blind bags. This is perfect for people more delicate with their jewelry.  A non traditional blind bag due to the fact your able to choose the lot you want! No more mystery, what u see is what you get.  Each lot has been personally hand picked for a special unique style.  All are perfectly wearable and has been cleaned ready for usage . Will come assorted with costume style, vintage style, retro, and new fashion jewelry. Some come with a special twist like fashion accessories such as pocket mirrors, headbands,  lipstick holder, and more.  Great for personal use, resellers, gifts, lives. Going fast, only one available per style so choose your desired style :). 


***These are shipped and weight with small flatrate box weighing 1 Pound.  


***Any questions don't hesitate to ask.  


***Alot more color styles available at my shop.

*Each lot consist of a different amount of pieces.  

-GP5B17 / 17 Pieces 

-OB7B17 / 17 Pieces 

-PR2B19 / 19 Pieces 

-RP4B17 / 17 Pieces